wacky-family-2015I Recognize You

This isn’t a perfect blog. I am not a walking Pinterest ad. Life is marvelous AND life is sh*tty. I want to talk about both.

I am a little scattered, but clearly intentional. I don’t know what kind of expert I am. I don’t have an obvious theme. I am still working on it. I am working, anyway.

For once, I can move forward without having everything laid out perfect. I know who I am. It turns out this is far from what I thought I was. I accept where I am and LOVE where you are.

I am honest. I am curious. I am enthusiastic. I love to share. I love to teach what I know.

I like green juice and yoga, but I also love cigarettes and Jack Daniels. I apologize if this confuses you. You do not need to be understood to be welcome here. We will understand each other along the way.

I recognize that you are not in a box. I recognize feeling out of place AND like I belong in the same complicated emotion. I celebrate that you are a square peg! I recognize you as the imperfectly perfect gift that you are!

The more the merrier.

Often, I have something worth listening to. For the times that I don’t, I am here to listen to you. I truly LOVE it! It’s the answer to a call that wouldn’t stop ringing. All I ask is every now and then, respond to something, so I know you are there.




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